TimeLine Staffing is a local company headquartered in Arlington Texas. Our Staff is aggressively involved in the local area and we have professional knowledge of the local trends. 

TimeLine Staffing boast over 15 years of inside professional experience in the industry.  TimeLine Staffing has chosen to grow and adapt in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and plans to stay committed with the companies it serves.

Our motto at TimeLine is “People helping People”.  Because we believe in helping one another, we not only focus on the needs of our clients but the needs and dreams of our employees.  Our focus is to spend quality time in evaluating, testing, understanding and listening to the needs of both our employees and clients.  In doing so, we are able to build a long and lasting business relationship between employers and employees.  This is what drives us everyday…….success for all!

Our mission is to give superior customer service to both our clients and employees; it is a partnership, a group of only the best who have come together to help serve everyone and to experience true success.

 Few are selected. Please contact our office today and find out if you qualify to be part of the most amazing team!

I.   Committed to excellence for both clients and employees.

II.  The ability to match employees perfectly with client needs and requirements:  

      We have the proof!

III. Our outstanding “three part” interview process puts us unmistakably ahead of the


            Better Business Bureua


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